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Youth with emotion dysregulation: CBT interventions in busy clinical settings

Pozivamo Vas na besplatnu ONLINE radionicu na temu kognitivno-bihejvioralnih intervencija u radu sa adolescentima i postadolescentima (“emerging adults”) sa problemima emocionalne regulacije, u rutinskoj kliničkoj praksi.

Radionica je sa međunarodnim učešćem i održaće se na engleskom jeziku, na Međunarodni dan solidarnosti, 20. decembra 2021. godine, putem Zoom aplikacije.

Predavač je dr Marija Mitković Vončina, psihijatar Instituta za mentalno zdravlje u Beogradu, klinički asistent Medicinskog fakulteta u Beogradu, KBT terapeut i evropski (EABCT) predstavnik našeg udruženja.


    Više informacija o radionici:

    *This workshop is a continuation on the Skills Class presented at the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) Congress 2021 (Belfast, hybrid congress)

    Date&time: 20 December 2021, 16-20h (CET), 4 hours duration
    Online platform: Zoom
    Type of course: Online interactive workshop (presentation, group work, Q&A)
    Language: English
    Registration fee: FREE
    Registration deadline: 10 December 2021
    Organizer: Serbian Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Therapists (SRABCT)
    Aim: Adolescence and emerging adulthood represent a specific window of time followed by both developmental opportunities and mental health risk. Although a significant portion of mental health disorders first appear very early (before age 14), such as the emotional disorders, a large percentage of youth does not receive efficient treatment early enough. This may be related to the high production requirements for professionals in the settings of mental health services for youth. Therefore, there has been emphasis on brief and transdiagnostic forms of treatment (especially CBT based) for youth recently, which may provide more realistic applicability, addressing comorbidity and time balance in such settings.

    The aim of this class is to present the CBT interventions within the emotion regulation-based framework to approach clinical syndromes seen in anxiety and mood disorders, impulsive and self-harm behaviors in adolescents and emerging adults. The class will specifically focus on how to use functional analysis as a backbone of the entire intervention process (assessment, treatment and relapse prevention tool) in busy routine clinical settings.

    Speaker: Marija Mitkovic-Voncina is a psychiatrist at the Day Hospital for Adolescents of the Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade, and a clinical assistant at the Department of Psychiatry, Belgrade University Faculty of Medicine, Serbia. She is a CBT therapist, educator, researcher, and the EABCT representative of the Serbian Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapists (SRABCT). She provides psychiatric treatment and individual & group CBT to adolescents and emerging adults with various emotion regulation problems (such as anxiety and mood disorders, trauma-related disorders, mixed disorders of conduct and emotion, non-suicidal self-injury, suicidal phenomena).

    For international participants: