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Enrolling new trainees in CBT training

SRABCT is enrolling new trainees into the certified 4-year program of training in cognitive-behavioral therapy, starting on 18 October 2020. It will be possible to attend the training online (if there is a sufficient number of candidates who apply for this form if attendance).

Interested candidates should apply by the 10th of October 2020, by

email:    or     telephone: 0638966888

Training duration4 years (8 semesters)

Programme: structured according to the criteria of European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) and synchronized with the criteria of Union of Psychotherapist Associations of Serbia  (SDPS), it comprises theoretical part and the supervision of practical work, as well as scientific research engagement.

Trainees: psychiatrists, psychologists, pedagogues and defectologists, medical specialty trainees, medical doctors.

Sertificate: SRABCT issues the certificate required to obtain the national certificate of psychotherapy.

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